$500,000 for Young Man Beaten Outside of Night Club

On January 15, 2016, Attorneys Joseph M. Orlando and Joseph M. Orlando, Jr., successfully negotiated a $500,000 settlement in the case of a young man who was savagely beaten by bouncers at a New Hampshire nightclub in December of 2013.
The plaintiff, Marc Shields, was asked to leave the club for reasons unknown. He was physically removed from the club and an argument ensued on the sidewalk in front of the club. Shortly after, Mr. Shields and his companion were dragged by numerous bouncers into the side/back alley where they were both assaulted and battered.

Mr. Shields suffered internal injuries as a result of this brutal beating. His internal injuries required multiple surgeries and he has been left with significant scarring.

“The bouncers at this nightclub brutally beat this young man,” states Attorney Joseph M. Orlando. “If this type of over reaction is to be avoided in the future, it was important that the club be held accountable for the conduct of its employees.”