Lawsuit Filed in Case of Young Child Left on Gloucester School Bus

Attorneys Joseph M. Orlando and Brian S. McCormick, of Orlando & Associates, who represent the family of a young child who was left on a Gloucester Public School Bus in January of 2015, have filed suit in Essex Superior Court on the family’s behalf. The complaint names as defendants the City of Gloucester, Superintendent of Schools Richard Safier, and former East Gloucester Elementary Principal, Carol Bratt.
The Complaint specifies acts of negligence against the City of Gloucester, on behalf of all of its employees who acted negligently in regards to the incident. Additionally, the complaint alleges violations of M.G.L. c. 93A against the city of Gloucester, for its bad faith practices in financial dealings with the family of the young child while it sought reimbursement from the city for transportation costs.
The complaint alleges violations of civil rights, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and deceit against Richard Safier and Carol Bratt, for their handling of the situation involving the young child, once the incident had been discovered.
“The level of negligence at every level in this incident is staggering,” states Attorney Joseph M. Orlando. “However, it is more staggering that, according to the police report, the principal and superintendent chose to act in deceitful and intentionally harmful way to attempt to mislead the parents from learning the truth about what happened to their child.”