Don’t Use Car Insurance Apps!

Do not use the car insurance app!

The minute you get injured in a motor vehicle collision, the insurance companies are working against you – even your own insurance company. They are a for-profit enterprise. They are only concerned about finding ways NOT to pay your claim. They do not build ivory towers in major cities by paying your full claim. They do not care about compensating you.

In Massachusetts, automobile insurers are required to do an investigation into every claim for personal injuries. In order to keep hold of your insurance premiums, they employ every tactic in the book to discredit you and to devalue your claim. I previously wrote a blog about not posting on social media. The same rationale applies to the use of car insurance apps.

The major national insurance companies have started to employ the use of an app wherein you can quickly, on the spot, report your claim, upload photos, and make statements about your medical status before having the opportunity to consult a personal injury lawyer, which costs you nothing (See Contingent Fee Agreement). If you don’t consult that attorney, you don’t get the benefit of understanding what to do/say and what not to do/say.

A lot of people acting in good faith, believing they were doing the right thing and believing they were required to provide certain information to their insurer, do the work of devaluing their own claim. For example, a lot of times people make assertions about the severity of their injuries on the car insurance app before even consulting a doctor, only to later find out the injury is worse than expected.

Don’t help insurance companies in their quest to discredit you or devalue your claim. Take your time. Consult an attorney. When you get in an accident, call Orlando & Associates, P.C. first. We help you tip the scales of justice in your favor!

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