Don’t Want To Go To Court?

I can’t tell you how often I hear that a victim of personal injury fails to pursue their rights for fear of having to “go to court.” What most people don’t realize is that the vast majority of personal injury claims (even lawsuits) never require the injured person to step foot in a courtroom.

In fact, per a recent study (not done by my office), 95% of all civil cases settle before trial. Would you give away thousands of dollars (or more) to an insurance company already worth hundreds of millions or billions of dollars if you knew you only had a 5% to go into a courtroom? Of course not.

Most importantly, at Orlando & Associates, PC we understand how daunting the process can feel and we’re experts at navigating it for our clients. We fight that uphill battle for injured people daily on cases big and small. We’ll be there with you shoulder to shoulder all the way through.