Fall in a Grocery Store?

The phrase you need to understand is “mode of operation.” Grocery stores used to operate in the mode of having a store clerk get your groceries off the shelf for you. Now they operate in the mode of self service. Grab a cart and walk the aisles yourself to pick out your own groceries. It’s second nature to us now.

What you don’t realize is that you are walking through a store full of hazards around every corner! Liquids in breakable bottles, oddly-stocked fruits like grapes, overtaxed refrigeration devices and all of it on tile floors. Who thought of this system??!?

By choosing the self-serve mode of operation, the grocery store owner knows that it is creating hazards and they have the obligation to take reasonable steps to minimize those dangers and to warn the customers. They have to have policies, protocols and procedures for regular cleaning and maintenance. They have little “wet floor” signs. But it is never enough, especially on a busy Saturday morning. It is inevitable that someone will step on spilled liquid or a stray grape and fall sustaining injuries on the hard tile floor.

Here is what you need to do it you are injured in a slip and fall incident in a grocery store:

  1. After you assess your health, ask someone to help you up;
  2. Get their name and number (phone contact) and keep it in a note;
  3. Take out your best friend, your phone, and take a picture of the hazard that caused your fall;
  4. Take note of what time you fell, what you are wearing for clothes/shoes and if your clothes/shoes are wet (take a picture of this too);
  5. Report the incident to the store customer service desk;
  6. When they ask you to fill out a report, make sure you report any injuries and accept any medical attention (don’t blame yourself, it is NOT your fault);
  7. Ask for a copy of the incident report or take a picture of it with your phone;
  8. And, finally, call Orlando & Associates right away for your no coat, initial consultation.

Store managers of grocery stores are notorious for blaming the shopper for their own fall by noting “no hazards” in the area you fell or noting “worn out shoes” on the report. Their efforts to preclude you from making a recovery for your injuries begin immediately. Their video footage erases after 20 days. Don’t delay. Protect your rights.

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