Maritime Law

The maritime law association bestows a special distinction on attorneys who specialize in the field of admiralty and maritime law after their years of service to the bar. They call those attorneys “Proctors in Admiralty.” Orlando & Associates, P.C. was founded 40+ years ago to represent those injured or lost on the navigable waters, whether fishermen, blue water seamen, harbor workers, crew members of cargo ships or cruise ships, tug boats and the like or pleasure boaters, cruise ship passengers, passengers on ferries, whale watch or deep sea fishing charters. No matter how a person is injured on the ocean, rivers, lakes and ponds of the U.S. Orlando & Associates, P.C. can help.

The U.S. Coast Guard recently released their 2020 numbers and the amount of “marine casualties” (those injured or killed at sea) rose by 25% ( The pandemic of 2020 resulted in increased boat sales, increased pleasure boat activity, and increased injuries and deaths as a result. If you or someone you know was injured on a pleasure boat, cruise ship, whale watch, fishing charter, or any other type of vessel, whether that person was working or just a passenger, they need an experienced maritime attorney on their side.

There are a lot of personal injury attorneys, but NOT a lot of maritime personal injury attorneys. The procedural and substantive rules are completely different for those injured on the navigable waters. Such incidents are also subject to jurisdiction in different courts than your land-based personal injury claims like car accidents. When you have an illness or injury, you always choose a specialist in that field to treat your illness or injury, so do the same thing with your attorney. Talk to a Proctor in Admiralty at Orlando & Associates, P.C. where we tip the scales of justice in your favor.