Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle drivers, this one is for you! It is the season for cruisers, choppers, and every other type of motorcycle ride in Massachusetts. Did you know that there are several special considerations for automobile insurance as it applies to motorcycles accidents? The first and most important difference between a car accident and a motorcycle accident is that a pedestrian or a car driver who is injured is entitled to “PIP” benefits, which covers medical bills no matter who is at fault. Motorcycle operators are NOT entitled to collect PIP benefits. So, it is imperative that your motorcycle insurance policy contain coverage under Part 6 of the standard Massachusetts policy known as “med pay” (medical payments). Medical payments coverage is optional, so if your insurance agent doesn’t advise you to buy it or if you just go online and buy a policy from a major national insurer (don’t do that), you may not be aware of this important coverage. If you’re injured in an accident on your motorcycle, med pay covers your medical bills whether you are responsible or not.

Another coverage on your automobile insurance policy to pay special attention to if you ride a motorcycle is under part 12 of the standard Massachusetts policy and that is called “Bodily Injury Caused by an Underinsured Auto,” or “underinsurance.” This will cover you in the event that the person who injured you doesn’t have ENOUGH coverage on their policy . In Massachusetts, minimum mandatory (compulsory) bodily injury to others (Part 1) is $20,000 per person. That amount was chosen by the Massachusetts state legislature decades ago. In this day and age, given the severity of the injuries that you will likely get from dumping a bike at high speeds or colliding with a car when you’re on two wheels, that $20,000 in insurance coverage won’t cover much. The cost of medical treatment is too high and the legislature has not kept up with those changes. So, an inexperienced teenager could be driving around erratically with minimal coverage and destroy your life.

Motorcycle drivers can do everything right and still take the brunt of a collision. The two types of insurance coverage that I’ve discussed in this post are relatively cheap to add to your required base policy and worth every penny. Take control of your life and safety. Please contact an insurance agent and get his/her free advice on the types of coverages you need if you are going to enjoy riding your motorcycle here in Massachusetts. If you get into an accident and you are injured, call Orlando & Associates, P.C. where we tip the scales of justice in your favor.

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