Worker’s Compensation

Section 36 of “The Workers Compensation Act”

Did you know that G.L. c. 152 s. 36 enables you to make a financial recovery in a worker’s comp claim for scarring or loss of function, even if you don’t actually miss any time from work? Of course, you can also get that kind of compensation if you do miss work. This type of benefit often works in conjunction with the types of benefits you see in Sections 34 and 35, which outline the benefit structure for temporary, permanent, partial and total disability as a result of work-related injuries. The best part for the injured party, is that your lawyer at Orlando & Associates, P.C. does not make a fee for Section 36 benefits!

At Orlando & Associates, P.C. we have been representing people who are injured in the course of their employment for decades. We have experienced worker’s compensation attorneys ready to discuss your potential case with you. An initial phone call, meeting/consultation costs you nothing and you may be able to get worker’s comp benefits even if work was merely a substantial, but not predominant cause of your current condition.

Call Orlando & Associates, P.C. to learn more about your rights relative to a work related injury or even an injury at work that aggravated or made a prior injury worse.

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