You’re Suing An Insurer!

Many people hesitate to bring a claim when they are injured by someone else, because they worry about financially harming the person. But, there are very few circumstances in which a person must pay a claim out of their own pocket. That’s why we have insurance.

In Massachusetts, car insurance is required for any car on the road. Employers are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance. Most landlords require renters to carry a renter’s insurance policy. Mortgage companies generally require homeowner’s insurance for any property with a mortgage. Those homeowner’s insurance and Renter’s Insurance policies cover the negligence of the household occupants anywhere they go, dog bites by the household dog anywhere it happens, and injuries that happen on the property or because of the property.

The reason for the required insurance coverage is to protect people from going broke because of your injuries at the hands of the negligent person who caused it or the work-related injury they suffered.  In most cases, the insurance company pays the settlement or judgment, and the individual doesn’t pay anything at all.

The reason I bring this up is that almost all claims for personal injury that people pursue are pursued against a major corporation, not against a regular guy. Don’t feel bad for Geico or Liberty Mutual. Don’t hesitate to pursue your rights. Don’t fall for the insurance company marketing campaign shaming people for seeking compensation for real injuries. You’re not doing anything wrong or unethical.

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