From the beginning, Joe Orlando successfully, and nearly exclusively, represented victims of personal injury negligence at sea, prompting significant praise from local, regional and national news outlets.

Attorney Orlando in his law library, 1983.

Attorney Orlando in his law library, 1983.

Orlando Chooses to Side with Fishermen
Gloucester Daily Times, December 7, 1983

Orlando drew national attention when he was featured in the New York Times, which heralded Joseph M. Orlando, Esq. as “the most prominent in a rising group of young maritime lawyers.”

As Fishing Industry Changes, Risk and Loss Seem to Grow
New York Times, December 10, 1984

In fact, the New York Times, in that article, dubbed Orlando, “Attorney for the Injured.” Orlando & White won some significant victories in the firm’s early days. The practice, which focused heavily on injured mariners, sought to advocate for these workers against powerful insurance companies which were accustomed to shortchanging these injured men. The emergence of a powerful voice in Gloucester on behalf of the fishermen did not go unnoticed.

Skipper Awarded $525,000
Gloucester Daily Times, February 21, 1984

Boat Injury suits scare insurers, boost rates
Gloucester Daily Times, July 17, 1984

Disputes Aired at Insurance Hearing
Gloucester Daily Times, October 17, 1984

Injured fisherman gets $384,000
Gloucester Daily Times, January 28, 1985

Insurance Firm Relents on Blackballing Skipper
Gloucester Daily Times, August 14, 1984

Man Gets $717,000 in Injury Case: Lawyer Orlando criticizes insurers
Gloucester Daily Times

Boat Owners Sue for Insurance Settlements
Gloucester Daily Times, February 23, 1985

Former Boat Crewman Files Suit
Gloucester Daily Times December 20, 1985

Man sues city over injury
Gloucester Daily Times, February 14, 1987

Tale of 2 Lawsuits, 2 clients, 1 boat

Gloucester Daily Times, February 13, 1987

Attorney Orlando built upon his successful first decade as his firm entered the 1990s.