$600K for Gloucester Man Injured by Local Dentist

Attorneys Joseph M. Orlando and Brian S. McCormick of Orlando & Associates successfully negotiated a settlement of $600,000 for a Gloucester man badly injured by the malpractice of a local dentist.

The plaintiff, a cancer survivor, went to see his dentist in January of 2011 for an infected tooth.  The dentist removed the tooth, though the plaintiff’s medical records indicated that he faced a heightened risk undergoing such a procedure, due to his history as a cancer patient.  The dentist also did not attempt less invasive options to address the infection.

“This dentist’s reckless removal of the patient’s tooth has led the patient down a path of pain and suffering for several years,” states Attorney McCormick.

Despite the clear negligence on the part of the dentist, his insurance company refused to make an offer of settlement. Orlando & Associates was forced to file a lawsuit on behalf of the plaintiff, and battled the insurance company in litigation for several years. Ultimately, facing a trial on this matter, lawyers for the insurance company agreed to settle and compensate the plaintiff appropriately.

Attorney Orlando agrees, “I am pleased that we were able to help this family be financially compensated for their many years of struggle.”

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