(Video) FOX 25- Family suing after they say their daughter’s school left her alone on bus

BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) — The family of a girl with autism plans to sue the City of Gloucester for $1 million after they say their daughter is still recovering from emotional trauma and possible hypothermia she may have endured after being left behind on a school bus.

Frightened and alone, a kindergartner with autism was accidentally left locked in a school bus and unable to get help. It happened on a cold January morning, shortly after the girl was picked up for school.

The family wants to remain anonymous, but are telling only FOX25 that instead of being helped off of her bus and into to East Gloucester Elementary with the seven other children on the bus, the school bus driver, bus monitor and even principal somehow failed to realize the girl was still inside.

They left her sitting in another school’s parking lot when the temperature was reportedly below freezing.

But the girl’s mother says what’s even more disturbing is when the girl was discovered by chance at 10:30 a.m., according to a police report, she was taken into the school transportation office where she sat for roughly another hour before she was finally brought to her elementary school and evaluated by a school nurse.

But according to the police report, the school principal later asked the nurse to change the time back on her report about when she saw the girl to an hour prior at 10:30 a.m.

The district’s superintendent wouldn’t speak with FOX25 on camera, or address specific allegations “because of the sensitivity of the matter and the fact a child is involved.”

But he did say he notified the proper authorities and “conducted an internal investigation and based upon the report, took actions and reviewed processes and procedures to ensure a situation like this never takes place again.”

Both the bus driver and bus monitor were put on administrative leave and it’s our understanding they’ve been fired. The district attorney’s office tells FOX25 no criminal charges have been filed but they’re still reviewing the case.

The family is suing for monetary damages.