Contingent Fee Agreement

Most attorneys work hourly. They get paid whether they do a good job for you or not. That’s not how we work at Orlando & Associates. We use a “contingent fee agreement.” That’s the official way to say, we only get paid if you win.

When a client comes to us, it is usually because the client is injured, accumulating medical bills, and maybe out of work, etc. That is no time to be asking a person for a retainer of several thousand dollars.

This is true if you’re injured in a car accident, if you slip and fall, if you are attacked by a dog, injured at work, hurt by a doctor or nurse, or even when you want to apply for social security disability.

To retain us in a personal injury case, we ask our clients to sign an agreement to pay us a percentage of the total compensation that we recover for them. So, our goal is the same as our client, to efficiently and effectively recover as much as possible. We are a team.

If we don’t do a good job, we don’t get paid. It makes you think, that Orlando & Associates must be pretty confident to be willing to work under those conditions. If you think that, you’re correct. The vast majority of our work is on contingency, so we focus on personal injury cases only so we can be at our best for you when you’re injured.

It gets better. If you’re not sure you understand the contingent fee agreement, call us for a FREE initial consultation. You can always afford our services and time.


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