Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

I represented a good man with two kids who worked hard at multiple jobs to support his family. He isn’t
rich, but made good money and benefits at his job. In good weather, he liked to ride his Harley to work.
He rode responsibly and safely.

Unfortunately, when you are on a motorcycle, you can do everything right and still take the brunt of a
collision. You are on two wheels and a car is on four. The motorcyclist loses that battle every time.
One hot summer day, on his way to work, a driver with minimum mandatory insurance to cover bodily
injury to others( $20,000 per person) blew a stop sign from a side street into Route 1 and knocked him
clear across the highway. He broke dozens of bones, was knocked unconscious and had severe internal
injuries. By the time he was med-flighted, the responsible driver’s $20,000 was gone. A career-ending
injury and $500,000 worth of medical bills later, he’ll never be compensated. The story is bad enough
already, but to add insult to injury, his own insurance policy had minimal “u-coverage.”

This brings me to the best kept secret in automobile insurance – Uninsured/Underinsured motorist
coverage. The purpose is to protect yourself from the negligence of others. Under Part 3 and Part 12 of
the standard automobile insurance policy in Massachusetts, you can buy optional coverage that pays
you if the other driver has no insurance, too little insurance, or if the other driver hits and runs. This
applies to motorcycles and cars. The best part is how cheap the coverage is. It can be a few bucks per

I don’t sell insurance, but after hearing this horror story, if you don’t call your insurance agent and spend
the $30/year it will take to increase those coverage, you are making a huge mistake! Protect yourself
and your loved ones. Buy more u-coverage.


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